Emiliano Alquezada is a graphic designer and a fine artist. He has also taken up a minor in marketing. Emiliano attended Rutgers University–Camden and has worked his way up to become a manager at the Visual, Media, and Performing Arts (VMPA) Print Lab. Emiliano Alquezada has also interned for the VMPA department where he created the branding for Arts Day 2021. In the Fall of 2020, Emiliano Alquezada had the opportunity to design a logo for the New Jersey Innocence Project at Rutgers University. As a designer, Emiliano Alquezada has a passion for identity design, branding, logo design, layout, illustration, and typography. He is a natural leader with determination, always willing to help others, and trusted to lead multiple. Emiliano’s end goals are to work in advertising. He also likes to paint during his free time.


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